Start Later and Last Longer

It might sound like the perfect way to spend less or give you a bit of confidence before you get to the club, but starting drinking at home before you get to the pub or club is a risky game.

If having a few drinks at home with your mates is part of your big night out ritual then it might seem too much to change, but just a few simple tweaks can make your pre night warm-up a little safer.

Why not enjoy some tasty snacks together instead of alcohol, get the party started with a pub quiz in your own home or get all fired up by going head to head on the Wii or X-Box? You could even whip up some tasty mocktails to enjoy while you are getting ready, try one of our super fancy mocktail recipes.

Deciding to wait until you get out before starting drinking is one smart move that can make the difference between a great night out and one that ends badly.

Want to know more about this? Get down to knowledge town at Drink Aware and find out more about going the distance.

a juicy mocktail drink

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