Think Big Drink Small

Whilst everything else is getting smaller; mobile phones, cars, celebrities waist lines, drink measures are getting bigger. Much, much bigger, but quite stealthily so you might not have even noticed.

Picture it. It’s Friday evening in the pub and you want a glass of wine. You order a white wine and the barman asks you small or large, so you go for a small, you are pacing yourself tonight. What you might not know is that the small glass you get given is actually a medium, and that traditional smaller measures of wine are often long gone in pubs and bars.

a small glass

It’s the same with spirits, you might not know that the shot sizes have increased and that you are drinking more than you expected. Think about how big a glass of wine or a measure of vodka you might pour yourself at home, you might not be aware of how much you are drinking, it’s a good idea to get a unit measure at home, then you can keep count of how much booze you are drinking in one go.

Have we got you all interested in units and recommended drinking levels and the such like?

Want to gem up so you can impress your mates?

Go on then we dare you!!  Find out more in Units - Whats It All About?

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