Keep Pace It's Not a Race

Keep one eye on how quickly you are drinking

If you have paid a small fortune to get into a club or are donning your new outfit that cost a day or two’s wages, you want to make the most of your night. You don’t want to end up so hammered by midnight so you end the night early, or covered in sick. You can be in control of how your night goes by just keeping one eye on how quickly you are drinking.

Opt out of the rounds

It’s easy to get swept up in rounds, drinking more quickly than you would like to. Remember when you are drinking in a round it is only as slow as the quickest drinker and you can end up drinking more than you would if you were buying drinks just for yourself. You can guarantee that you are not the only one in your group of friends who isn’t that keen on rounds, so speak up and opt out, you’ll be surprised to see how many others follow your lead.

Cut out the shots

It’s also easy to accept every shot that is offered to you or to get whipped into a frenzy when someone declares its tequila time. By skipping these shots you will not only be saving money you may be saving the whole night out. Try cutting out shots for one night out and see the difference it makes to your wallet and your head in the morning.

Intrigued? Want to know more about pacing yourself?

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