Every Third Swap For Pop

It’s easy to forget to drink soft drinks or water when there is so much alcohol on offer. But including soft drinks such as a lemonade or fizzy water in your liquid intake will pay off financially and make a big difference to how you feel in the morning. Swapping every second or third drink for a non boozy one is easy to do and you will notice the extra pounds in your purse or wallet the next morning as well as feeling refreshed, hydrated and ready to last the whole night.

If you are worried about what your friends might think of you skipping a drink remember it’s impossible to tell that there isn’t vodka in your lemonade, only you need to know that you are having a break. Or if you are feeling in the mood, why not try a mocktail, a right posh soft drink that is cheap and easy to make at home that looks real fancy. Why not try a mocktail recipe or two?

Remember, you are entitled to free tap water in any place that sells alcohol, so why not order a glass or two of the good stuff when you are buying a round. After all it’s free!

thirst quenching pop poured in to a glass 

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