Love Your Liver Give It a Day Off

Don’t drink the day after a big session. Even better don’t drink for the next 48 hours. Sorry to be so bossy but this is one golden rule of drinking that needs to be listened to. The thought of drinking for two days in a row might fill you with horror the morning after the night before but you might feel differently when your hangover starts to disappear and you hear that your mates are heading back out that night. This is one tip worth investing in, not only will you save money from skipping a whole night’s worth of drinks but you will also be saving your liver from another battering.

At last a real excuse not to go out and stay in and watch X-Factor or Strictly in your comfy old PJs. (its ok we won’t tell anyone!).

Want to know more about the ins and outs of alcohol and how it affects your body and mind? Then have a look at this page at Drink Aware or have a peek at this nifty animation on the effects of alcohol.

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