Keeping Others Safe

Some quick information

Just some information here on what to do if you want to have a drink and you have children or are responsible for the care of a vulnerable adult.

The messages here are very clear

If you are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of another person it is sensible to not drink alcohol whilst they are with you.

If you have children or have ever looked after a couple of the little nippers then you will know how quickly they can get up to mischief; it is hard enough to keep up with them sober let alone having had a drink or two. And if an emergency were to occur you will want to be as alert and with it as possible to deal with it.

Find a trusted friend or relative to help you out

Of course there is always the option of finding a kind soul to help you out whilst you go out and let your hair down and you may have the option of leaving your children or person that you care for under the watchful eye of a trusted friend or relative.

Make sure the carer is capable

If someone else is going to baby sit for your children or look after someone that is in your care it is essential that you make sure that they are fully capable to do so.

Just take two secs to make sure that they haven’t had the same idea and are not drinking alcohol. If they have been drinking or intend to continue doing so whilst in charge of children or vulnerable adults then you should make other arrangements and find some one else who you trust to take care of your loved ones.

Enjoy yourself with peace of mind

It’s just a quick check to make sure that everyone is being looked after so that you can really enjoy yourself without having to worry.

Additional information