Under 18s

Under 18? Just a quick bit of info

In the spirit of giving you all the information you need, here is a quick run down of what is and isn’t allowed regarding alcohol when you are under 18.

It is advised by the government that young people under 15 years should avoid alcohol altogether.

If you are aged between 15 – 17 and you decide to drink, then it should always be with a parent or carer or in a supervised environment. It is a good idea to think about where you are drinking, who is around to help if something goes wrong and whether you feel safe.

It is recommended that if you are this age and decide to drink that you shouldn’t drink more than once a week and have no more than 2-3 units at a time if you are a gal and no more than 3-4 units a time for guys.

and remember:

It is illegal for someone under the age of 18 to buy or be sold alcohol in the UK.

Under 18s are not allowed to buy alcohol from a shop, supermarket or off licence, or from the bar area of a pub.

Adults are not allowed to buy alcohol on behalf of under 18s to drink in a bar.

Police have powers to confiscate alcohol from under 18s drinking in public spaces - in the street or in places such as parks.

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